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Photocopier & Printer Leasing.  

Leasing is a very cost effective way to buy equipment when it is needed. There is no upfront cost and the cost is spread over a mutually agreed period of time with a fixed monthly cost. Logic can help by offering a range of lease products from the leading finance banks, tailored to suit our clients particular needs from 12 months up to 60 months for all IT and office equipment. Logic are a trusted licence holder and go through an annual audit process with the FCA, which means our clients can rest assured they will receive the best advice and as a result the best deal and pricing possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose a Lease?

    Businesses generally have 3 choices when buying ITC or office equipment. Do they pay cash, a bank loan or lease? By paying cash up front an either – or choice is created, what else could the cash be used for? A loan generally hard to get, they require meetings with the bank, are usually for much larger expenditures, and the administration can be complex and time consuming. Leasing benefits by giving you the products and equipment you need at an affordable fixed monthly cost, allowing your company to quickly obtain equipment needed with minimum administration and impact on the cash flow. Leasing also preserves credit lines and makes for easy budgeting.

  • What is Leasing?

    Leasing is a an agreement between your company and the lease provider. You will be committed to a given number of fixed payments for the term of the contract, for example 36 payments of £75.00 + vat. You have the option to have maintenance included in the contract if required, this is shown separately on the contract. Logic supply the goods to you and are paid by the leasing company. The goods are owned by the leasing company at all times, and because you are effectively renting the equipment you are able to claim the 100% tax allowance on the payments.

  • Who can apply?

    Lease finance is very easy to arrange and is available to all companies including, sole traders, partnerships, Limited companies, PLC’s, national and local governments, Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Charities. The minimum price that would qualify is £1000.00 + vat and there a virtually no upper limits. Please note, small companies with 18 months or less trading may have problems due to lack of trading or credit history.
    Take out the section below the tax example with black titles.

Cash Purchase

YearCapital AllowanceTax relief
118% of £7,500 = £1,350Less 21% = £283.50
218% of 6,150 = £1,107Less 21% = £232.47
318% of £5,043 = £907Less 21% = £190.47

Cash purchase, £702.44 Tax relief

Lease Purchase

YearCapital AllowanceTax relief
14 rentals of £817.73Less 21% = £686.89
24 rentals of £817.73Less 21% = £686.89
34 rentals of £817.73Less 21% = £686.89

Lease purchase, £2,061.67 Tax relief

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