Pegasus Opera 3 Business Solutions

One system, one solution. With full integration across your entire business.

Pegasus Opera 3 is a complete business solution. It can be fully integrated throughout your organisation, eliminating the need to run seperate finance, distribution, payroll and CRM systems.

Pegasus Opera 3 can also be easily tailored to match both your business and budget due to its modular structure. This means that features that are currently not of any use to you can be turned off and you will not have to pay for them. Should you ever require the extra funtionality in the future they can easily be activated.

From sophisticated analysis and reporting, payroll and HR, supply chain management, sales pipeline management to instant alerts to keep you and your staff informed, these additional components offer cost-effective options which provide you with a real competitive advantage.

Opera 3 helps you to:

Analyse your cash eSupport

With detailed cash flow analysis Opera 3 will instantly become an invaluable tool to monitor your profit generation.ed it most

Control your supply chain

Opera 3 offers full control of your supply chain at your fingertips.

Remain Compliant

Complex payroll functions are made quick and easy and HMRC accreditation ensures you remain compliant.

Manage Prospects

Opera 3 CRM helps you to work smarter, manage prospects and opportunites better and ultimately convert them into sales.

Retrieve documents

Store all your business documents in one central location, save time and never lose paperwork again.

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