Secure Computing

By using basic security techniques you make your system more robust. This means your business is robust and protected. In the event of an issue, our team of engineers can be on hand to help.

Most viruses and malware infections are able to infiltrate your computers just because of the one of the most basic security steps are not taken. Around 85% of computer users in the private sector have full administrator rights on their business desktop computers, this essentially gives easy access to any remote code injection.Just by removing these rights you remove the ease of access for these exploitative methods. This security concept is called “The Principle of Least Privelege” and involves giving your users the least amount of rights on their computer as possible but still enable them to perform their tasks without disruption.

At Logic, we can help you achieve a secure computing environment with the following techniques:

Desktop Lockdown

Removes access to administrator priveleges, removes access to system commands and management consoles

Automated Windows Updates

Configure Windows Security Updates to be installed at a set time without interrupting users

Perimeter Antivirus and Intrusion Prevention

We would configure a perimeter boundary firewall with AV and IPS

Simple Desktop Policing

Configure policies for your desktops in a central store to make management easier and standardised

RunAs Permissions for Trusted Users

Provide “RunAs Admin” permissions for trusted users should they require them

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